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Pre- Accredited Computer Courses


Intel Easy Steps - Basic Computers

Would you like to gain confidence in using a computer? Learn “the basics” of the computer to communicate with friends, family and business associates? This course is designed as an introductory computer course for absolute beginners.  It includes an optional crash course component for students who have never picked up a mouse before.


Topics Covered

Introducing Computers and Operating systems

Working with files and Folders

Introducing Word processing

Introducing Internet and Email


Pre requisite: daily access to a computer for practice.

  • Learning Pathways: Certificate I in Informaiton Digital Media and Technology

    Duration: 1 session per week over 10 weeks


Introduction to Bookkeeping - Accounting Software


This course is designed for people who wish to understand and use the Payroll centre of Quickbooks to process a small business payroll. The skills and knowledge acquired are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software to setup payroll items, employee details, employee remuneration details, process pays and produce the necessary reports to meet ATO obligations.
Duration: 8 weeks


Introduction to Bookkeeping - Payroll

This course is designed for those who may have already obtained administration and computer skills and who need to add accounting software skills and who need to add accounting software skills(Quickbooks)to enable them to apply for positions that are advertised.  It may assist learners already in the workplace who need to up skill to move to a new position.
Duration: 8 weeks



These courses are funded by Adult Community & Further Education ACFE




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