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Information Technology


Please take time to read the student guide for information about fee structure and other enrolment policies.


Listed fees are for eligible Government funded clients.
Courses will only run if there are sufficient numbers.


ICA10111 Certificate I Information, Digital and Media Technology

This course is for students who want to improve on their basic computer skills. You will learn how to use a personal computer, use the Internet to send and retrieve information, and use Microsoft Word. Successful completion of this course will lead the remaining units in this certificate.

Core Units:

ICAICT101A Operate a personal computer

ICAICT102A Operate word-processing applications

ICAICT103A Use, communicate and search securely on the internet

ICAICT104A Use digital devices

Elective Units:

ICAICT105A Operate spreadsheet application

ICAICT106A Operate presentation packages

Duration: 1 day per week over 20 weeks


See also Pre-Accredited training for introductory courses



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